Best High Deposit Poker Sites

Whether you’re a high stakes veteran or you’re just now ready to join the big leagues of online poker, it takes a big bankroll to take a seat at the highest levels. Moving a big bankroll around is no small task thanks to the strict deposit limits enforced by many of the world’s poker sites. If you’re planning to make a big transaction soon, it’s best to do it at a safe poker site that has experience in processing big deposits.

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High deposit poker sites must display two key characteristics before I even consider recommending them here. Obviously, they need to have the appropriate processes in place to even accept large transactions in the first place. It is equally important that any site you’re considering have a reputation for security.

Security is always important no matter how much or little you deposit, but it becomes a more serious matter when we talk about large sums of money. It’s one thing to test a new poker site with a quick $20 deposit, but it’s a whole other thing when you want to move a bankroll that you may have built over a course of months or years. There is no margin for error when you’re dealing with bigger sums of money.

Additionally, consider the security measures on your end. It amazes me how cavalierly people treat personal security when they’ve got five, six or even seven figures wrapped up in a bankroll. I know of high stakes pros who have logged in to their poker sites over public WiFi connections at airports just because they were tired of waiting. Seriously, don’t do that. If you need to access your poker account while you’re on the road, do yourself a favor and get a VPN.

Best Deposit Methods for Large Transactions

The best deposit methods for large transactions aren’t necessarily the most convenient. For example, credit card deposits are super convenient and fast, but they don’t work well for large deposits. Credit card companies limit transaction sizes and impose a hefty set of fees on top of that.

I’ve found it best to use the types of deposit methods that facilitate direct transfers between your bnak and your poker site. There are many e-check or e-banking types of deposit methods that move money from one place to another without involving third parties. Some e-wallet services can be useful for large transactions, but you need to keep a close eye on the fees before you make any big movements.

Let’s take a look at a few of the best deposit methods for moving money from your bank to your poker account. Keep in mind that different poker sites sometimes impose their own limits on specific deposit methods.

The best high stakes poker sites charge no fees for any deposit method, but some payment processors do impose their own fees. Additionally, the maximum deposit will vary from one poker site to the next but the information below should serve as a rough guide to what you can expect at most sites.

Deposit MethodFeeMaximum DepositSpeed
Fast Bank Transfer0£100,0001-3 banking days
Cheque0£50,0005-28 banking days
Skrill0£8,000 to £80,000 (varies)Instant

Is it safe to deposit this much money?

Yes, it is – as long as you play at safe poker sites. It is absolutely vital that you stick with big-name sites that are known for security and ethical business practices. One thing to keep in mind is that it’s always easy to make a deposit. If you have chosen a poor poker room, you only realize your mistake when you try to withdraw a large sum of money.

I also encourage you to ask yourself if it’s safe for your financial situation to make a large deposit online. If you’re simply moving a large bankroll from one site to another, you have nothing to worry about in this regard. On the other hand, you should give your financial situation an honest look if you’re making your first-ever large deposit. Are you prepared to lose all this money if you go on a terrible downswing? If not, it’s probably not a good idea.

Withdrawing Your Money

It pays to plan ahead when dealing with large amounts of money. As I mentioned above, the ease of depositing doesn’t always reflect the ease of withdrawing. Do you know your poker site’s policy regarding withdrawals? This is something you need to check into before you just sign up and drop £50,000 in any random poker site.

You can rest easy knowing that any site you see on this page has sensible withdrawal policies. These site let you withdraw any amount of money with few limits. This isn’t always the case when you look into other poker sites that may not be as large or financially stable as the big names above. It is not uncommon for smaller poker sites to delay in honoring cashouts or place absurd limits on withdrawal amounts.

My favorite withdrawal method of all time has always been the trusty direct bank transfer. Different poker sites call it different things, but the basic idea is the money gets sent straight to your bank account. Bank transfers have always been fast, cheap and reliable in my experience. I also found that withdrawing back to an e-wallet was convenient whenever I needed to transfer my bankroll from one poker site to the next.