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Laws relating to online poker vary from country to country and it is the responsibility of poker players to understand the current laws wherever they may reside in order to be sure of acting in a legal manner when it comes to online poker.  Please understand that the owners of BestPokerSite.Com cannot be held responsible for any information that may lead to unlawful activity.  BestPokerSite.Com is not an online gambling site and only presents information that in good faith we believe to be accurate.

Update October 31, 2015:

We wish to make it clear that in compliance with US law, we do not link to, market for, promote, or accept new advertisements and player sign ups at any “illegal online gambling site” that serves US customers, intentionally or unintentionally.

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We spend time to keep on top of changes in an ever-changing industry.  While we attempt to update this Web site as soon as any changes are known that affect any player anywhere in the world, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information presented here.  By using our site, you understand that it is your responsibility to confirm that the information presented is legal in your jurisdiction.

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Playing poker can result in monetary losses and players should be advised to research their choices to make sure they are making the best decisions.  BestPokerSite.Com cannot be held responsible for gambling losses or any losses resulting from what could be unlawful activity in the area you reside in.  Please be sure to research laws to make sure you are acting in a legal manner.  Countries from time to time change their laws. It is possible that some governments will seize money from a gaming facility.  If such actions affect you, this site cannot be held responsible, and you will have to seek the assistance of legal counsel to regain any funds that you may have lost.

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