Best 3D Poker Sites

3d glassesI must admit, 3D poker felt like such a fad when it first came out. The first 3D poker sites went live during the poker boom years of 2003-2005 and were not impressive at all. In most cases, the software was low quality and gave the impression that the operators just wanted to boast a “3D experience” without putting any real effort into development.

It surprised few people when almost every operator eventually dropped the whole 3D gig and went back to hosting normal games. After all, it’s quite a bit easier for players to multi-table (and thus generate more rake) with traditional overhead-view tables. Most 3D poker sites fell by the wayside or reverted back to 2D graphics. However, a few managed to get it right and continue to offer 3D games to this day.

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– Truly 3D poker site
– Requires 3D glasses like you get at the theatre
– Buy your own glasses or get them from the rewards store

So why did these sites succeed where everyone else failed? Well, they actually took the time to develop quality software. The 3D poker rooms that went the extra mile reaped the rewards by offering players something unique and high quality. We now have two very good options that each offer distinct advantages.

888 Poker in 3D

888 3D888 Poker is the only site I know of that offers a true 3D experience. It even requires those special 3D glasses like you see pictured above. If you don’t have any, you can pick up a pair of inexpensive glasses from Amazon or any major electronics retailer. These glasses are a lot easier to find than you might expect thanks for all those 3D TVs that came out a few years ago.

Playing in true 3D does take a little getting used to, just like it does at the theatre. Once you get used to the graphics and immerse yourself in the game, it’s quite an impressive experience. You definitely won’t be able to grind as hard when playing in 3D but it sure is a cool experience. This is as close as it gets to the real thing without filling up the car and driving to the casino.

Even if we ignore the 3D software, 888 Poker is an excellent poker site on its own. It is one of the three-largest poker networks on the internet and boasts more active players than almost every other site on the planet. A large European presence has created a diverse player base and some of the internet’s softest games.


What You Should Know About 3D Poker

The main thing to keep in mind with 3D poker is that it isn’t conducive to high volume grinding. If you have a big bonus to clear or normally run 4+ tables at a time, there’s no point in going 3D. This is a game best enjoyed for the experience, not for playing 200 hands per hour. You can still make plenty of money when playing in 3D, but it’s definitely not the most efficient way to play online poker.

Do 3D poker sites have a 2D option?

Yes. Every worthwhile 3D poker site offers its games in both 3D and 2D. In fact, you can switch between both views at the same table. So if you sometimes like to get your grind on, don’t let the 3D interface throw you off. You can always just switch back to the normal overhead view and get back to multi-tabling.

Do I need a powerful computer?

No. 3D poker isn’t nearly as resource-intensive as today’s video games. If your computer can play regular video without catching on fire, you’re probably good to go. It’s free to download and try the software anyways.

3D poker attracts casual players

Even if you couldn’t care less about the graphics, you should remember how attractive 3D poker is to casual players. The 3D concept isn’t geared towards 9-5 grinders; it specifically targets people who place the experience above all else. If the games are drying up at your primary poker site, you may want to consider checking out the games at a 3D room. You can play in 2D while the fish swim around unaware in their 3D games.