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The Merge Gaming Network (official site at broke into the online poker scene in 2007 when the people behind decided to focus exclusively on creating an online poker network after the UIGEA was implemented in 2006. The result is an impressive list of over 40 poker sites. Through their headquarters in Australia, they operate one of the top 15 poker networks in the business. The success the behind Merge Gaming Networks collection of skins joining the reliable online poker network with personalized skins for different clients and Merge Gaming poker sites. This allows poker players the ability to play on standardized software while taking advantage of each clients unique theme and promotions. The best merge poker sites are listed on this page, with the two we think standing out the most below:

Best Merge Poker Sites

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Merge Gaming Network Player Traffic

As it stands, the Merge Poker Network is still acquiring its fan base, having only gotten its start in 2007. The network has made excellent steps to grow in such a short time frame. It is now not uncommon to see at least 5,000 players all over the networks 40 different poker sites during non-peak hours. This provides for about 500 real money ring games and over 4,000 active tournaments. The networks biggest traffic advantage is the fact that all of their poker clients allow US based poker players.

Merge Software Real Money Game Selection

One of the Merge Gaming Networks greatest assets is its large real money poker gaming variety - even if the downside is low player traffic at most poker game variations. The Merge Poker Network does well by not restricting itself to only the traditional Texas Holdem, Omaha and Seven Card Stud selection. Instead, the network offers 17 different poker game types along with the three limit types: fixed, no limit and pot limit. Poker players can expect to find the following game types in any of the Merge Gaming Network poker sites:

  • Texas Holdem
  • 7 Card Stud & 7 Card Stud High Low
  • Omaha & Omaha High Low
  • A-5 Triple Draw
  • Razz
  • 5 Card Stud & Draw
  • 2-7 Triple Draw
  • Badugi
  • RASH
  • SHOE and other variants including HAR, HA and HO.

As noted, part of the networks strength relies on its offerings of mixed and less popular games. This makes it an excellent poker network for players who are either hooked on the alternative poker game types or just want to experience a change of pace from the usual Texas Holdem game play.

Special Features

Gaming features are usually discussed on a case by case basis as many poker sites pride on having their own special features. However, all of the poker clients on the Merge Gaming Network have certain features that offer extra interest and excitement for poker players. The Merge Gaming Network special features include: Rabbit Hunt: Rabbit hunting is the act of turning over the next face down card from the dealers deck after the game has finished. This is solely for curiositys sake as players who had folded their hand are often curious to see whether their decision was a right one. Rabbit hunting is not allowed in professional establishments. The network offers the hand winner of a poker game the ability to flip over the next cards in the deck. Deal It Twice: This is a special feature that only kicks in when two players are all-in during a real money no limit Texas Holdem ring game. The Deal It Twice feature effectively deals the turn and river community card two times. This feature is only activated if both all-in players agree to it and it essentially gives both players a better chance to build the best hand possible. Expose One Card: This feature is designed to give players another tool to keep the opponents guessing. The network allows players to show one or both of their hole cards during a real money ring game to enhance a bluff or distract opponents.

Best Merge Poker Sites

Over 40 poker sites use the Merge Poker Network and its software. The selection of poker clients range from popular stand-alone poker sites to sportsbook services that offer a small online poker department. Many poker players may be familiar with the following Merge Gaming Network sites: Carbon Poker: This is Merge Gaming Network's flagship poker client. It garners over 5,000 players consistently. It also has a VIP program and plenty of multi thousand-dollar guaranteed tournaments every week.  Visit to play now. Aced Poker: Aced is Merge Gaming Network's up and coming poker site. It has the standard selection of Merge casino games but is still cultivating its fan base, which stands at about 3,500 so far.  Visit for more details.

Overview of the Network Software

All of the poker clients in the Merge Gaming Network use the same software. A player who signs up at Carbon Poker will be using the same solid software as a player using one of the lesser known poker sites on the network. The software consists of all the standard elements that players have come to expect. The download and installation is straightforward and is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. The lobby is home to all the important tabs such as ring games, tournaments, cashier and customer support. Each Merge poker site uses a slightly different skin but the game play poker mechanics are equal across the board.