Best Poker Sites By Game Type

Welcome to my big list of poker site rankings by game type. The purpose of this whole section is to appease the discerning poker player who knows exactly what he wants and needs to find a poker site that can cater to those needs. These pages will also come in handy for you adventurous types who like to mix it up just for fun.

All you have to do is choose your favorite game and follow the corresponding link below to see which poker sites are the best for that poker variant. If you don’t already have a game type in mind, feel free to wander around until you find something that looks like fun. I’ve done my best to keep these listings accurate and up to date. If a poker site is listed on a game page, it means I have confirmed that that game does indeed exist at that site.

Let’s start with a quick list of the best all-around poker sites for game variety. The following sites are ranked in order according to how many different types of games they have on offer. Scroll down a little further for game-specific listings.

Overall Rating PLAY NOW

BetOnline Poker

100% up to $2,500

18+ to Play, T&Cs Apply

-Texas Holdem
-Omaha Hi/Lo
-7 Card Stud
-32 Card Draw

Overall Rating PLAY NOW

Bovada Poker

100% up to $1,000

18+ to Play, T&Cs Apply

-Texas Holdem
-Omaha Hi/Lo
-Zone Poker (fast fold)

On the pages below, I ranked each poker site for each game by looking at a few factors. First of all, I checked to see if the game is even offered at that poker and if there are any players. There is rarely a lack of action in games like Texas Holdem and Omaha, but smaller games like Razz and Badugi are a different story.

Some of those more “niche” games just don’t have many players no matter where you look. Texas Holdem, Omaha and 7 Card Stud reign supreme around the world. But nonetheless, I take traffic into account when ranking sites for specific games.

Texas Holdem

Best site: Bet365

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Best site: BetVictor

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Best Site: PokerStars

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Best site: BetVictor

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Mixed Games

Best Site: PokerStars

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Game Variety

Best site: PokerStars

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Best site: PokerStars

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Crazy Pineapple

Best Site: None Available

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7 Card Stud

Best site: Bet365

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Draw Poker

Best site: BetVictor

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Omaha Hi-Lo

Best site: Bet365

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Once I compiled a list of poker sites that offer each game, I then ranked them according to the number of players in those games. This figure varies by a wide amount depending on the game, stakes and poker site in question. The more traffic, the better.

Next, I checked to see in how many different formats each game type is offered. For example, does the site offer cash games, tournaments and sit-n-gos for Omaha or is it restricted to cash games only? Poker sites that offer a solid variety of table types give players a better experience.

Another factor that I took into account was how the players are distributed across the stakes of each game. A poker site that has Omaha action all the way up to $500/1000 gets a higher ranking than a site that only has a few penny tables running. Together, these factors give us a good picture of how populated each game is.

Finally, I broke any ties by comparing the promotions and signup bonuses at each poker site. If two sites were about equal in all other regards, I used the bonus and promotions to determine the final order of ranking. Everybody likes bonus money so I figured this would be an acceptable means to break any ties.

Best Poker Sites by Game Structure

By “game structure” I am referring to the actual setup of the table rather than the poker variant. For example, shorthanded cash games and 10-person cash games are two distinct structures. Scheduled tournaments and single table sit-n-go tourneys would serve as two other examples. Here, the game type doesn’t matter so much as how the game is organized.


Best site: BetVictor Poker

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Cash Games

Best site: Bet365 Poker

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No Limit

Best Site: Bet365 Poker

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Fixed Limit

Best site: 888 Poker

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Pot Limit

Best Site: PokerStars

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Best site: 888 Poker

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Best site: Bet365 Poker

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Side Games

Best Site: 888 Poker

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Sit and Go's

Best site: Bet365

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Bigger is Better

You may notice that a few sites show up more often than others when ranking various poker games. This is because some poker sites just have more traffic and are able to offer multiple poker variants without running into a lack of players. Big poker sites tend to fare the best when we rank the best poker sites for non-Holdem variants.

If you like to play a few different poker games, your best bet would be to go with one of the larger poker sites. These sites have a lot of money to throw at marketing and so they constantly attract new players. Not only does that mean softer games, but it also means you can try different games at will and not have to switch poker sites every time you get the itch to try something new.