Best Ukash Poker Sites

ukashUkash is the deposit method for people who aren’t comfortable sharing their credit card or other banking information online. Funding your account with Ukash is as simple as visiting the local petrol station, buying a voucher with cash and then going home and redeeming it online at your favorite poker site.

Update: Ukash Purchased by Paysafecard

Ukash is no longer a standalone service. It was purchased by Paysafecard in 2015 and merged operations into the existing Paysafecard service. Both companies provided essentially the same service so if you loved Ukash, fear not. You’ll get the same experience with Paysafecard.

You can read all about Paysafecard here.

Ukash is the internet’s equivalent of cold, hard cash. Never are you asked to type in your banking information or fill out other forms to use a Ukash voucher. You can purchase them with cash in the real world and then redeem them online at any of the thousands of websites and digital wallets that accept Ukash.

The best Ukash poker sites accept up to five vouchers at a time. You can purchase them in increments of up to £200 and then combine however many as you see fit. In total, you can deposit up to £1,000 at a time with Ukash.

Should I Use Ukash?

You should use Ukash if you are either unwilling or unable to reveal your banking details to an online poker site. Whether it’s because you don’t have a bank account or because you’re not comfortable giving that information to a third party, Ukash gives you an alternative means to play for real money.

Sometimes, it’s just easier to play with cash you have on hand. I know some casual players prefer to use Ukash because it’s more effective in keeping track of and limiting expenditures. You can effectively limit yourself by only using cash to play poker. Each voucher may only be used once so once you run out of money, you’re done until you go back to the store and get a new voucher.

You’ll also find Ukash handy if security is a concern. The vouchers that your purchase in-person are not connected to any sort of online account and each voucher may only be used once. The worst case scenario is that you lose your voucher. In that case, your losses would be limited to the value of that particular voucher. Losing a voucher wouldn’t exactly be a good thing, but it would be a whole lot better than someone stealing your credit card information.

You should not use Ukash if you maintain a dedicated poker bankroll online. E-wallets and other forms of electronic banking make it easier to move large sums of money back and forth. Ukash doesn’t work as well in that regard thanks to its £200-per-voucher limit. There are better options out there if you regularly move around large sums of money.

Other Features

Ukash does have an online account if you’re comfortable managing your vouchers online. An online account will allow you to view the value of any existing vouchers, combine multiple vouchers and convert vouchers to different currencies. The online account is completely optional but it may come in handy if you end up using Ukash frequently.

You can also request a prepaid MasterCard debit card that is attached to your online Ukash account. This card can be loaded with funds online or in-person at any Ukash location. You can use it just like a normal debit card except it is limited only to what you have loaded onto your card at any time – also effective for limiting your spending.

Getting Started and Making a Deposit

There are about 420,000 authorized retailers that accept cash payments in return for Ukash vouchers. Visit a location near you and give the cashier however much money you plan on depositing. The cashier will then print off a voucher with a 19-digit number.

After you have a voucher, you can go back home and log in to any poker site that accepts Ukash. Visit the deposit area and choose Ukash from the list of deposit methods. Next, type in your 19-digit number. Your account will be funded instantly and you can go play poker.

Can I cash out with Ukash?

Some poker sites do indeed support Ukash withdrawals. It isn’t the preferred method of withdrawal so if you have ever used a different deposit method, the poker site may instead issue your funds back to that other deposit option. If you are allowed to receive a Ukash withdrawal, your poker site will create a new 19-digit voucher number and send you all the details via e-mail.

The downside to withdrawing via Ukash is that your money is returned in the form of a voucher and can therefore only be used wherever Ukash is accepted. I’ve always found it easiest to just ask for withdrawals via credit card, Skrill or electronic bank transfer. However, it does come in very handy if you don’t have a bank account.